Health & Safety @ TEAM Precision Pipe Assemblies

We operate on a 'zero tolerance' policy for health and safety, we firmly believe that health and safety ‑ especially in the manufacturing industry ‑ should be more than just a formality.

We ensure that all of our staff, from directors through to our engineers and manufacturing technicians, are aware of all health and safety checks, processes and risks. All equipment, from PPE through to specific technical equipment and machinery, is regularly reviewed and checked to ensure maximum safety protection for our staff members, clients and all visitors.

Every member of staff is required to use work wear including standard safety boots which are provided. These boots feature steel toecaps to protect employees' feet if items are dropped or scraped along sharp items


TEAM Precision Pipe Assemblies is dedicated to manufacturing and delivering products that meet our customer requirements in a safe and healthy environment while meeting, and where possible exceeding, legal requirements.

We will provide safe and healthy working conditions and prevent injury and ill health through the continuous improvement of processes, products and services.

This aim will be accomplished through the continuous identification of hazards and reduction of risks. Essential to this task is the full consultation and participation of our employees.

To assist in the continuous improvement of our Management Systems, objectives will be established and communicated and our performance against these objectives will be regularly reviewed.

Simon Jones
Managing Director